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Eco-responsible weaving workshop

Tissages d’Autan develops and diversifies its range of fabrics made from natural fibers such as hemp, linen, and wool, all integrated into a burgeoning regional eco-responsible sector.

The Workshop

— Weaving, Transmitting

Tissages d’Autan is the meeting point for passionate individuals dedicated to local and ecological production, focused on creating 100% hemp denim fabric: Atelier Tuffery, Éric Carlier, and Virgocoop.

This family workshop, dating back to 1937 (formerly Tissages Pistre), is the heir to the expertise of weavers Xavier Pistre and Éric Carlier, key figures in the textile basin of Castres-Mazamet.

In 2021, the trio acquired the equipment to preserve this know-how and ensure the transmission of skills to new generations.

With the support of the Occitanie-Pyrénées-Méditerranée region, the workshop became Tissages d’Autan and hired three people. Tissages d’Autan develops and diversifies its range of fabrics made from natural fibers (hemp, linen, wool…) integrated into a burgeoning regional eco-responsible sector. ~


More ecological fabrics,
featuring the finest materials


An active participation in the
emergence of a local textile sector


With respect for the
environment and people

French production
— Local

Tissages d’Autan specializes in the production of woven fabrics from natural and recycled materials.
The workshop has specific expertise in weaving 100% hemp fabrics, as well as blends with wool, linen, or organic cotton
. ~

More ethical
— and Ecological

In connection with the efforts of the Virgocoop cooperative, materials are selected to promote a textile sector that respects both people and the environment.

Dyeing and finishing are carried out by our local partners located within a 20 km radius in the Castres-Mazamet area. ~

— Fabrics

The workshop offers fabrics designed by Alix de Grandmaison and produced by weaver Éric Carlier and his team.
This collaboration results in ranges of creative fabrics intended for clothing and furnishings.

It is the originality and quality of our uniquely patterned fabrics that have attracted many partners. ~




— it is the star fiber

The star fiber of our workshop, in connection with the Virgocoop project to establish a hemp textile industry in Occitanie ! While this is under development, we prioritize hemp yarn from Eastern Europe, which we replace as the local yarn becomes available and meets the required quality. Alone or in blends, this fiber adds an inimitable natural touch to fabrics, coming from one of the most ecological crops for textiles! ~


— French

French wools are a significant asset of our territory, and we use them in blends or 100% for fabrics suited to both clothing and furnishings. The natural colors of the wools used (ecru or brown Merino, black from Velay, Ile de France…) offer beautiful shades, especially when mixed with dyed hemp, while combining the qualities of both materials. We regularly have wool spun ourselves by our partner spinners, thus benefiting from great transparency in the transformation process. ~


— Norman

The linen we use is almost exclusively of French origin, as we source from major European spinners who themselves obtain it from the production area in Normandy. Alone or blended with hemp, this high-quality fiber allows us to produce lighter fabrics while maintaining its very distinctive drape. ~


— Organic

We use high-quality organic cotton and continuously work to improve our supply to ensure it meets the highest possible environmental and social standards. In blends with hemp, organic cotton allows for lightweight fabrics with a very natural appearance, combining the virtues of both materials. ~

The Virgocoop Ecosystem

Building on its experience in developing a hemp textile industry in Occitanie,

the Virgocoop cooperative aims to contribute to the transformation of the textile sector.

By fostering the emergence of local supply chains, developing fair partnerships with stakeholders, and supporting the transmission of know-how, Virgocoop strives to continuously improve the ecological and social impact of textile production.

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